The Ladies’ Guild of Sts. Vartanantz is one of the backbones of the Church – our mission is to unite the women of the church in Spirit and to support it in all its endeavors. This year, we were blessed to have over 65 members and a legion of others who help us from time to time. Times have changed and keeping in mind that now most of our members work full-time, they don’t look forward to another meeting in their off-hours. To this end, we have tried to incorporate “fun” meetings by way of brunches, dinners, wine-tastings, cooking classes, bowling parties, choreg-making sessions and meetings at members’ homes that supplement our traditional Friday night meetings at the Church hall.

The Ladies Guild has always been there and continues to be all hands-on deck on many aspects of chairing, staffing and organizing the Church’s Annual Food Festival. Beginning in September, we prepare Manti, Kufte, Choreg, Traditional Desserts and so much more…ensuring that the biggest event of the year is the most successful.

We have made commitments to be more community related and made great strides in donating the extras from our events during the year to food pantries for the needy. We also continue to honor the local Ridgefield Police Department with a donation of pastries from Palm Sunday Bake Sale and the Bazaar Dessert Table.

2019 Sts. Vartanantz Church Ladies’ Guild Executive:

Maggie Kouyoumdjian, President
Maral Doghramadjian, Vice-President
Bea Movsesian, Treasurer
Arous Isakhanian, Corresponding Secretary

Hilda Tavitian, Recording Secretary
Lynn Mahlebjian, Advisor
Marisa Mesropian-Fisher, Advisor