The Sts. Vartanantz Men’s Club was founded in 1953 and is an organization whose sole purpose is to provide support for our church and to encourage youth involvement to ensure a healthy future for our church community and heritage. It also provides for an opportunity for all like-minded men to socialize under the umbrella of our church.

The executive board is Mher Azazian- Chairman, Avedis Kassardjian – Vice chair/Secretary, Hovaness Doghramadjian – Treasurer.

Their sources of income come from the CharityMania football lottery, membership dues and social functions such as the annual Cigar & Dinner night held at one of the member’s homes for the past nine years. This event is a huge success both socially and financially. The Men’s Club also sponsors the Church’s girl’s, junior’s, and senior boy’s teams as well as a men’s adult team at the Armenian Churches Sports Association.